Craft market Philadelphia

This morning we traded at the craft market in Philadelphia, a teeny farming village (actually more of a hamlet) about 30 minutes from Cape Town. What we didn’t know was that the market was timed to coincide with the Pedal Power Association’s annual MTB Fun Run. Suffice it to say there were a lot of sweaty cyclists around, which is all good and well, but they were there to do bike stuff, not market stuff. Consequently, it was not a busy day. I thought I’d chuck in a few random photos, so you can see that we at least had perfect weather, good food, and good company.

phil 8 phil 1 phil 2 phil 3 phil 4 phil 5 phil 6 phil 7

My sales weren’t too bad overall, and I was especially pleased that six of my pixie hats sold (three crocheted and three fabric ones) because I haven’t had a reply from the Langebaan shop woman and thought perhaps she thought the hats were revolting! Clearly they aren’t, and I now have Big Pixie Hat Plans.

And now it’s time for a rest – feet up, creamed coffee, crochet in hand, telly on, Rob in the kitchen cooking supper. Night all

purple boots

Boots – purple – with fringy bits – on sale – what’s not to love?

boots 3

But I felt they needed more. As one does. I got busy with glitter glue, shell buttons, shiny thread, gold and silver fabric paint, and my glue gun.

boots 1

I’m undecided about the outcome. It’s possible that more glitter is required. Or beads. Yes, they need beads. Maybe even glitter beads. But even as they are, they’re just the sort of thing to wear guaranteed to repulse one’s offspring.

fabric pixies

There’s a very boho little shop in Langebaan called Sparrows & Baytraders, and the owner is keen to stock my pixie hats. The problem is that a crocheted pixie hat can take me up to four hours to make, and even the price I sell them at is low – to charge a retailer any less would not make it worth my while, and for a retailer to double the price I sell them at would be like shooting herself in the foot.  BUT I do not like to turn away potential work, so I’ve spent a few days thinking and playing and sewing and fiddling, and eventually come up with a workable alternative: fabric pixies…

pixie dorette 2 pixie dorette 3 pixie dorette 1

I used strips of stretch fabric, lace and ribbon, buttons, shiny thread, and beads. Being lined, they have a nice weight and hang. They look a lot better on a human head than on an empty coffee jar! :-)
Okay, I’m mailing her now, will let you know what she thinks of them….

production scheduling….

I see I have 9 market days between now and leaving for the Village Green craft market in Grahamstown at the beginning of July. In an attempt to be more organised than ever before in my entire life, I have set up a “bag system”.  I now have a different bag for each “bigger” market, like Philadelphia and the Olive Festival, otherwise I’m not going to be as well-stocked as I would like. This should avoid frantic late-night sewing at the last minute. In theory at least.

The idea is that, once a hat has been bagged, it is not allowed to be taken out for sale at another market in between.  Rob got out his calculator the other day and came up with a ridiculous number of hats that should be my ideal quota for the day. I was quite put out by this, and had to take a nap immediately.

market bag

Here is the Philadelphia bag. The market is on Saturday 18 April and the bag currently contains nine ten hats.  The Grahamstown bag, which is the biggest bag I could find, is up to twelve. There are a few hundred some half-finished hats lying around, but I’m not allowed to count these yet.

bag counter



it’s okay. the tshirt.

Nice piece of work:

Am reblogging my friend’s post, because I think it’s cool. I’ve already ordered my t-shirt with Nym on the front, maybe you’ll also want one.

Originally posted on cupcakes and sailors:

Depresssion, borderline personality disorder, self harm, addiction.
All these things are stigmatised and not talked about but they are real as the people who suffer from them.
Thankfully there are people out there who care and who dedicate their lives to helping these people.

Recently I hit a REALLY dark time, it was bad, it was “where’s the blade” bad but I thankfully I have a lot of support and am surrounded by people who really care. I got through it. What really got me though is a non profit organisation called SADAG (South African Depression and Anxiety Group) who got hold of me on twitter and sent me supporting messages and offered to stay up with me and talk if that’s what I needed.)

I did a drawing during this, it spurted after I wrote the words “it’s okay” for myself to stick on my wall. Nym was the…

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the things people say

One of the best overheards in a long time came from Saturday’s Harfield Carnival:

Girl to boy:  Try the hat on.

Boy: No, man, I don’t want to look like a twat.

Girl: The hat won’t make a difference with that, Dylan.


And then a classic put-down from a lady who was deciding between one of two summery sunhats:

To me: Which do you think is better, the grey one or the pink one?

Me: I like the pink one on you, plus it goes with your dress.

She turns to Rob, who is sitting next to me: And which one do you – oh wait, no point asking you, you’re wearing tie-dye.

(He’s still recovering from that one ! hahaha)

scrappy waistcoat and random bed jackets

Sometimes I make something other than a hat. I’m quite pleased with this waistcoat, which is cobbled together from some fabric samples and a bit of black lace. HIdes the consequences of enjoying too much chocolate.



And sometimes I buy something I really don’t need…  I found these two bed jackets in a vintage shop in Woodstock, and they evoked such strong memories of my gran that I had to have them.  Bri-Nylon – do they even make that stuff any more?  The pinks and blues are a lot prettier and softer than you’d think from my lousy pics.

bed pink 2

bed pink  bed blue

It’s a pity that bed jackets have gone out of fashion. I guess people wear different types of pyjamas these days, far more casual and informal than forty or fifty years ago. My own bedwear is usually an old t-shirt and, in winter, an old t-shirt with old track pants. Not much less glamorous that that :(