We’re very partial to rabbits around here. Rob has a silver playboy bunny on a chain round his neck (which I gave him!). Alex had a baby dwarf rabbit when she was five, but before I’d had time to buy a hutch some hungry predator must have spotted him. I had a rabbit when I was a little girl in Blackpool, I remember going to the pet shop with my parents. My mother said What are you going to call it? I said Rose. She said You can’t call a rabbit Rose. Sooty is better. Not long after that, we emigrated to South Africa but Sooty couldn’t come with us.

rabbit 1

rabbit image

Pic of white rabbit fromĀ glogster.

Back soon x

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23 thoughts on “wheek

  1. onoodlesstitchcraft

    How sweet! For my rabbit it would need to be golden with funky hairdo between the ears! How many hats have you made now? I didn’t know you originate from Blackpool! I had my ears pierced in a grotty seafront kiosk in Blackpool at the tender age of 17 much to my parent’s disdain!

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I think it’s about 27. Some of them are repeats (eg. owls, penguins) so I don’t bore you with all of them. I must do a proper count later today, I’m still nowhere near my goal of 100.
      Yes, I was made in Blackpool. We came to South Africa when I was 8. Been back a few times. But I love it here :-)

  2. mollieandclaire

    Great hat! I’m the proud owner of a white bunny called Flora. She’s beautiful and stroppy and aggressive! The rabbit rescue owner won’t pair her with a friend because she’s potentially a danger to a male rabbit… Who knew rabbits had so much personality?!


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